Kin Kora's Frequently Asked Dental Questions

Medicare provide the ‘Child Dental Benefit Schedule’ which is means tested through Centrelink to be eligible. It is easy to find out by calling us with the child’s name & medicare number and we can find out for you.

We have SV Dental Sun Valley internal payment plans which need to be discussed with Sue and approved before treatment. Sue can arrange a unique payment plan for you.

It is safe to have digital dental X-rays, though our dentists would recommending avoiding them. A diagnostic x-ray does not have a radiation dose significant enough to cause adverse effects in a developing embryo or fetus.

Visiting a dentist while pregnant is highly recommended for your own wellbeing and that of your unborn child. Routine dental treatment is safe during pregnancy. How to look after yourself when you are pregnant? – Here.

When my teeth need help, who can I trust? Only the best.

Contact SV Dental Sunvalley on 07 4978 7878

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