Your Children’s Dentist Near You in Kin Kora

SV Dental Sunvalley is your local paediatric dentist clinic. Our team love working towards our patients’ wellbeing, and pediatric patients are a focus area for us.

We take pride in how well we work with children. Get in touch with us for a welcoming environment that’ll put your child’s mind at ease for every dental appointment.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule

Child Dental Benefits Schedule – Medicare cover up to $1,000 over 2 calendar years for basic dental services under CDBS. The services we will cover include:

  • Check-ups
  • X-rays
  • Cleaning
  • Fissure sealing
  • Fillings
  • Root canals
  • Extractions.

There are some restrictions for basic dental services. You should check with us if there are any item or time restrictions before starting your service. The services NOT covered are:

  • Orthodontic dental work
  • Cosmetic dental work
  • Any dental services in a hospital.

The 2 year period You can claim up to $1,000 for each child over 2 consecutive calendar years. The 2 year period starts at the beginning of the calendar year in which your child both:

  • Becomes eligible
  • Gets their first dental service.

You can use the full amount of $1,000 in the first year. This will leave no funds for the second year. If you don’t use the full $1,000 in the first year, you can use it in the second year. You can only use it in the second year if your child remains eligible. If you don’t use the full amount within the 2 calendar years, you can’t use the remaining funds. You’ll have to wait for a new 2 year cover period to start. You also won’t be able to use any remaining funds once your child is no longer eligible. Sue Young Director / Practice Manager SunValley Dental Tel. (07) 4978 7878 8/85 Sun Valley Rd, KIN KORA, QLD, 4680.

Convenience and a Welcoming Environment

Book your appointment with SV Dental Sunvalley for a dental clinic that puts your needs first.

We understand how busy many parents are during the day. For those who can only bring in their children outside of work hours, we offer bookings for later in the evening.

As for anxious children who are nervous about dental visits, we provide a welcoming environment.

If your child has a history of unpleasant dental or medical experiences, or if this is your child’s first dental visit, please make our staff aware when you book your appointment.

Our dentists, Dr Carmel McErlain and Dr Poya John Sobhanian, are highly trained in all aspects of general dentistry and have a special focus on paediatric dentistry.

Get in touch for the best children’s dentist near you in Kin Kora. Call us today on 07 4978 7878

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